Review of Algebra

Systematic Review of Algebra

1. Add and subtract integers (signed numbers). CCSSM: 7.NS.1

2. Solve one-step equations using addition and subtraction. CCSSM: 6.EE.7 and CCSSM: 7.EE4a

3. Multiply and divide integers (signed numbers). CCSSM: 7.NS.1

4. Solve one-step equations using multiplication and division (including fractions). CCSSM: 6.EE.7 and CCSSM: 7.EE4a

  • One-step equations with multiplication and division at Khan Academy

5. Distributive property, factoring out a GCF, and adding like terms.

6. Solve multi-step equations. CCSSM: 7.EE4a

7. Factor difference of squares and trinomials (and be aware that the difference of cubes, the sum of cubes, and 4 terms can be factored).

8. Simplifying square roots and adding like terms.

9. Solve quadratic equations with no x1 term and by factoring.

10. Solve quadratic equations by using the quadratic formula.