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Standards Based Objectives

In general, one objective will be selected for each section and deemed a “Standards Based Assessment Objective.” (SBA Objective) These will appear on SBA Quizzes.  For more information see the SBA Overview. (The objectives below do not constitute all the objectives for a given section.  Objectives for each section are given at the beginning of each section in the textbook.

Two attempts for each SBA objective will be given in class (SBA Quizzes).  You may also do a retake.  To earn a retake ticket, you need to do something.  The activity needed to earn a retake ticket is given below.

The student will be able to:

Section SBA Objectives
1.1 S.1 Graph linear equations in two variables (including finding the intercepts) and graph equations of circles with center at the origin (including points not on the axes).

  • Retake ticket: Graph each:   2x-3y=8      y=-2x+3       x^{2}+y^{2}=169          x^2+y^2=7
  • Here’s a coordinates game for students Flying Saucer
1.2 S.2 Determine if a relationship is a function.  (The relationship could be a correspondence, description, set of ordered pairs, or graph.) CCSSM 8.F.1:Understand that a function is a rule that assigns to each input exactly one output. The graph of a function is the set of ordered pairs
consisting of an input and the corresponding output.

1.3 S.3 Find the slope given two points or the average rate of change (which is slope) from an application (when, in effect, two points are given).

  • Retake ticket: Do pp. 100-101 #15, 16, 41.
1.4 S.4 Find the equation of a linear function (given slope and y-intercept; point and slope; or two points)

  • Retake ticket: Do pp. 116 #37-41
1.5 S.5 Given a scenario and a function, use the function, and a graphics calculator, to answer questions, make predictions, and find maximums and minimums.

  • Retake ticket: Do pp. 131 #28 and find, and interpret, N(0), and N(70).
1.6 S.6 Solve an applied problem involving Cost, Revenue, and Profit functions.

  • Retake ticket: Do pp. 146 #40
1.7 S.7 Determine if a function, given as a formula or graph, is even, odd, or neither and determine if the graph is symmetric with respect to the x-axis, y-axis, or origin.

  • Retake ticket: Do pp. 164-154 #2, 4, 40, 42


Section SBA Objectives
2.1 S.8 Solve multi-step equations. (These may involve the distributive property and may have the variable on both sides of the equals sign.)

  • Retake ticket: Do pp. 190 #19, 22
2.3 S.9 Solve word problem involving free fall, the Pythagorean Theorem, box-making, or rectangles (perimeter and/or area). Use Desmos (to solve equations).
Spotting #’s & Visual Patterns S.10 Given a geometric pattern, which produces a numeric pattern, find the next few numbers in the number pattern, the 10th term, the 43rd term and the nth term.
 2.5 S.11 Solve rational and radical equations.  Some may require factoring.  Some may have extraneous roots.
2.6 S.12 Solve a linear inequality.


Section SBA Objectives
4.2 S.13 Solve a compound interest problem and solve an application problem in which an exponential model is given.
5.1 S.14 Solve a system of equations and solve an application problem (involving a system of equations).
Solve an Equation Strategy S.15 Solve a word problem using the Solve-An-Equation problem-solving strategy.