Monthly Archive: February 2015

Feb 18

Hy-Vee Fuel Saver

Look at the newspaper ad. Is this a linear function? If not, explain why not. If it is, define an input variable, define an output variable, and write the linear equation using (which relates) the two variables. What else can you say about the relationship here?

Feb 18

Visualizing Prime Factorizations Using Blocks – Adamson

Here’s what Jim Adamson Shared The poster he makes in class showing the numbers represented using colored blocks is here: The worksheet is here: This is useful in helping students think multiplicatively, about prime factorizations, and simplifying fractions.

Feb 17

Order of Operations and Line Gem Games

Here are two fun online games. Order of Operations Game This teaches the (yep) order of operations.  You click the next operation. You don’t actually do the arithmetic. Integer version (has negatives) Line Gem Game Teaches linear functions. – Y = MX + B

Feb 10

Algebra vs Cockroaches Linear Functions Game

Algebra vs Cockroaches is a fun online game for learning about linear functions (you can google for Algebra vs Cockroaches) or click It is flash, so on an iPad you need to run the Puffin browser.

Feb 03

“Late Delivery” game is fun for introducing evaluating expressions (EE)

We have the CCSSM Expressions and Equations (EE) standard in grades 6, 7, and 8.  The “Late Delivery” game is fun for introducing evaluating expressions. It relates to 6.EE1 and 6.EE.6. It is a shockwave game, so it may not run on an iPad.